I saw this really cute girl with greenish hair today while I was at the downtown Sacramento Mall on K Street. I said something really loud about Dip N Dots and she jumped out of nowhere and shared her love of Dip N Dots. She was wearing a really awesome TARDIS dress. I’m really upset with myself that I didn’t try talking to her more because she seemed like a really neat person.


I know you probably have a Tumblr, lets reblog eachother’s stuff and talk about Doctor Who! Please? My name is Travis, and you seem really cool, let’s be friends. :)

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    There’s a girl who lives in another dorm by me that I’ve seen that has green hair, did the girl you saw have curly green...
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    Any of you Sacramento Whovians want to help this guy out? (My best friend has a TARDIS dress, but that wasn’t her. haha)
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    Sacramentans, please reblog and help my friend find the love of his life kthx.
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    Let’s hope that your Ramona has a tumblr.
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